As we age, the shape of our face generally changes. The skin begins to lose elasticity and facial fat begins to diminish, which can cause the cheeks to lose their fullness, the skin to wrinkle and crease, and hollows to develop beneath the eyes. A facelift is designed to replenish ... Continue Reading

As the natural aging process takes its course, most of us lose the facial fat that creates soft, full cheeks. When this cheek volume is lost, the cheeks often take on a hollow, sunken appearance in addition to the development of creases around the mouth and the formation of sagging ... Continue Reading

Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

Also known as facial fat injections and/or fat transfer, facial fat grafting is an innovative technique designed to enhance one’s appearance through the relocation of fat cells. This procedure can often be an excellent option for individuals seeking to address lines and wrinkles, lost volume in the cheeks and temples, ... Continue Reading

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