How Long Should Swelling And Numbness Last After A Facelift?

RichmondFaceleft_1As with any major surgery, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel tells his facelift patients that some mild swelling and bruising should be expected. The board-certified plastic surgeon recommends keeping your head elevated for the first few days to help reduce swelling and aid in the healing process. Most of our patients are able to comfortably return to work after facelift surgery within two weeks.

The feeling of numbness that can occur after your facelift surgery is typically due to post-surgical swelling and inflammation that temporarily affects the sensory nerves of the skin. These numb sensations typically resolve in 3-6 weeks, although in some cases numbness, especially along the incisions, may last for several months. In addition, some patients may experience weakness of the facial muscles. Though in rare cases this weakness can last up to six months, in most cases normal feeling returns to the facial muscles within three to six weeks. At that time, you should begin to notice significant improvements in the appearance of your face, and your final results should become noticeable within three months of your facelift.

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